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Orientation - Credit Analysis: Financial Literacy Basics Workshop (Online)

Instructions For Registration

Effective March 13, 2020 Our Office Is Closed To The Public Until Further Notice

During This Time Our Staff Will Be On Hand By Phone (856) 541 - 0720 M-F 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

You Can Also Reach Us By Voicemail Or Email (


Attention Students!

If you have already signed a contract to purchase a home or will sign a contract within the next 30 days please contact us FIRST for further instructions. For all other First Time Homebuyer Students & HOME Program Tenancy Participants, please continue with the registration process.

Welcome to Credit Analysis: Financial Literacy Basics Workshop (Online). This workshop is a mandatory requirement for those seeking free services through our agency and those who wish to apply for the City of Camden's First Time Homebuyer Down Payment and Closing Costs Assistance Program.

In light of the growing concerns over the spread of COVID-19, we closed NHSC's office to the public on Friday, March 13, 2020, and will maintain appropriate social distancing until further notice. To avoid an interruption to our services, we have moved our monthly Financial Literacy Orientation workshops into an online format; however, attendees MUST STILL register for workshops through our website beginning each Monday Morning and receive tickets as usual. From there we will be available to instruct and guide you through the online transition. 

Free workshops are held once a month for 2-hrs. We release a limited number of tickets each week leading up to the next class.

Tickets are available as early as midnight Sunday night/Monday morning each week. For best results, register as early as possible each week.

1. Click on the “REGISTER HERE” link Below

2. On our Eventbright page you will see the next available workshop date, time, and location.

3. Click on the workshop listed and on the next page you will see a GREEN registration button. If the button says Sold Out or Unavailable, it means that all allotted tickets for that week are taken. You may also see a date when the next round of tickets will be released. Please try again next Monday.

4. When the ticket prompt appears click on the GREEN checkout button. Each Attendee MUST have a unique ticket. This also applies to spouses and other members of the same household. Ticket Sharing Is Prohibited.

  1. All classes are taught in English; however, course materials are offered in multiple languages. To accommodate everyone, all limited English attendees must have a personal translator to help them. Translators must be named on the registration form.

  2. Bulk Registrations Are Prohibited. Tickets with the same name and/or continuously similar contact information and/or continuously similar or the same IP internet addresses will be cancelled.

5. You will have 20 minutes to fill out the registration form and click the GREEN "Complete Registration" button at the bottom.

6. If your registration was successful you will see a confirmation message and your ticket will be emailed to the address provided.

7. Congratulations you are done! Now that you have a ticket, we will contact you with instructions for completing this class through our online system.